Galapagos Islands Fun Facts

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10 Interesting Facts About The Galapagos Islands Uniglobe Sunburst

Go galapagos is a top of the line tour operator in ecuador.

Galapagos islands fun facts. Ecuador is a country situated in the northwestern part of south america. With 3 owned galapagos cruise vessels in the islands. They are located in the pacific ocean about 926 km west of ecuador.

Galapagos tortoises are the largest tortoises that can reach 4 feet in length and 475 pounds of weight. There are 18 unique species of penguin in the world though two species the northern rockhopper and southern rockhopper are sometimes considered the same species. The galapagos islands are 596 miles or 960 kilometers west of the mainland of ecuador and are part of ecuador and are home to unique birds reptiles and plants.

With this article get to know some fun and interesting facts about ecuador. The galapagos islands are a small island chain known for their unique wildlife. As well as being the fastest cruise ship operating in the islands she remains the only vessel with an onboard pool.

They have adapted to their cold environment in a way that makes them pretty special. Interesting facts about ecuador for travellers. The galapagos legend with capacity for 100 guests was extensively refitted in 2017 to better enhance your galapagos experience.

Penguins are amazing birds. Galapagos tortoises have brown protective shell around the body. The convergence of three major oceanic currents is largely responsible for the incredible mix of marine life in the galapagos.

Fun facts about the galapagos islands. Daily excursions and high quality service. Interesting galapagos tortoise facts.

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