Galapagos Islands Plants And Animals

Of these 180 are endemic to the islands meaning they are found nowhere else on earth. Visitors to the galapagos islands will hear their guides talk about three different types of animals and plants.

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The galapagos islands are a group of volcanic islands which lay in the pacific ocean close to the equator line.

Galapagos islands plants and animals. The galapagos archipelago with a population of around 30000 is a province of ecuador a country in northwestern south america and the islands are all part of ecuadors national park system. Below we have listed some of the most prominent species and the areas in which you are most likely to find them. The galapagos islands nearest mainland ecuador lies 600 miles 970 kilometres to the east.

Once on the islands he found an amazing diversity of animalsa diversity that left him wondering how some animals could appear so similar at first glance yet are so different on closer inspection. Galapagos is famous for its high number of endemic animal and plant species such as the galapagos giant tortoise marine iguana amd scalesia trees. In the 1600s humans began visiting the islands and brought with them plants and animals that otherwise would not have arrived.

The galapagos islands lie off the coast of south america about 600 miles west of ecuador. Galapagos islands plants and animals. There is a massive variety of plants to be seen on the galapagos depending on which area you are visiting.

For most of history the islands isolated location provided their native flora and fauna with a. There are 560 native species of plants in the islands in other words plants which arrived in the islands by natural means. The galapagos islands have a low biodiversity that is few animal species because the islands are 600 miles 1000 km from the continent.

The terms used to describe them are endemic native and introduced. Introduced species are the most serious threat to native plants and animals and threaten the fragile ecosystems in the galapagos. Galapagos cruise for 5 days at the nemo 2 a holiday to the galapagos islands could possibly be the excursion of your entire life.

This huge expanse of inhospitable ocean in between makes it very difficult for new kinds of plants and animals to reach the islands. The plant life of galapagos is just as extraordinary as its wildlife although it receives less attention and publicity. The main language on the islands is spanish.


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