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What are its origins. The south china sea is a marginal sea that is part of the pacific ocean encompassing an area from the karimata and malacca straits to the strait of taiwan of around 3500000 square kilometres 1400000 sq mi.

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The south china sea an online resource for students scholars and policy makers interested in south china sea regional development environment and security issues.

South china sea islands map. China is building up artificial islands in the disputed south china seaeven building basketball and tennis courts on the reclaimed land. The long range h 6k. Chinas territorial claims in the south china sea are made on the basis of a nine dash line.

China has for the first time landed bombers on disputed territory in the south china sea its air force said prompting fresh us warnings that it is destabilising the region. China has spent years building military outposts on a group of contested islands in the south china sea a project that has left the country at odds with many of its neighbors and the united. An international tribunal in the hague ruled tuesday that beijing has no legal claim to its historic right over disputed territory in the south china sea.

Overlapping claims in the south china sea threaten to turn the region into a flashpoint of global concern. The south china sea islands consist of over 250 islands atolls cays shoals reefs and sandbars in the south china sea none of which have indigenous people few of which have any natural water supply many of which are naturally under water at high tide while others are permanently submerged. Chinese scholars have recently published a new map of peoples republic of china.

It is claimed by the chinese scientists that the map was originally published in 1951 which has now been.

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